Quality services and a caring team

Our campsite offers a multitude of services in high and low season and we make your comfort a priority.

Reception, grocery store, playgrounds, motorhome station, launderette, barbecues, free library … Come and discover with us all the services that your 3-star campsite offers you. 

L'épicerie du camping

The grocery store

Reception and grocery

Our telephone reception is open 365 days out of 365. Just, I (Nicolas) do not answer systematically at night. The reception of the campsite as for it, in the physical sense of the term, is open like camping, from April 1st to September 30th.
Reception opening hours except July-August: 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00.

We are a family campsite and out of season, you will not necessarily find one of us permanently at the reception because we are often busy on the ground. But I always have the phone in my pocket, the number is displayed on the door and if you call me, I’m here in 3 minutes 12.

At the campsite reception you will find:

– An additional grocery store. Our vocation is not to be a supermarket but to have the products of first necessity in troubleshooting. Our grocery store is also an opportunity to enhance our regional products. You can find the terrines and foies gras of our friend Laurent Colet) who comes to taste them at the campsite on Monday and the wine of Bergerac, also tasting on Monday evening.

– Tourist documentation. The Dordogne enjoys an incredible tourist wealth. You will find at the reception of the camp-site all the useful documentation on the territory. And even if we are not a tourist office (OT Belves is better than us for that), we can still give you some tips on what to see in Périgord.

– Tokens for laundry. 3 € the token or 4,50 € with the laundry pod. We also lend free ironing board and iron.

– Equipment that we lend you to enjoy the free activities of the campsite: club and golf balls, balloons for the pool, football, rugby ball, volleyball, badminton rackets, bocce balls, rackets and balls ping pong …

– Free access to WIFI that you also have at the bar and terrace.

– Our most beautiful smile.

The services specific to the high season:

– Order bread. In July-August, you can order bread at the reception. Order to be made the day before (before 19:00) for the next day. You can pick up your bread in the morning at the opening of the reception from 8:00.

– Order roast chicken: same, the day before for the next day. Michel will tell you more at the welcome drink.

Partner booklet: a number of tourist sites and restaurants in Dordogne offer discounts or gifts to guests coming from the campsite La Lénotte. All these partnerships are available in a partner booklet at the reception of the campsite.

Playgrounds and equipment

Our campsite offers a multitude of facilities to the delight of adults but especially the youngest.

All are free and free access: swimming pool, playgrounds, football field, volleyball court, mini golf, bowling green, darts, TV at the bar … We also lend free equipment to enjoy of all these activities.

soccer field soccer field
volleyball court volleyball court
mini-golf mini-golf
Terrain de boules Terrain de boules
The dart game The dart game
billiards billiards
baby-foot baby-foot
flipper flipper

All our facilities are located on the first part of the campsite and you have to walk a few dozen meters after the football field and cross the river bridge to get to the first camping accommodations. Which guarantees calm and tranquility when you are at your location.

Only certain games of the bar are charged: table football (0.50 €), billiards (2 €) and pinball (1 or 2 €).
As the bar is only open during the high season, the equipment and games in the bar (billiards, darts and bar TV) are only available in July-August.

We have 2 TVs at the bar: one in the room and one inside. They do not voluntarily turn in continuous, we favor the musical ambiances. We turn them on for special events (Euro, World Cup, Tour de France etc.) or at your request if you want to follow a particular program.

Motorhome station

Friends motorhome, what better than a step in a campsite for a good hot shower, laundry or a jump in the pool. And not necessarily for more expensive …

A landscaped area is dedicated to motorhomes to drain, refill, fill etc.
The emptying of your greywater is done on a large concrete platform. To achieve this, no maneuver is required. You access the platform forward through the path, place the drain valve above the grate and once emptying, you can leave the platform, always forward. It’s very useful.

The emptying station at the side allows you to empty your black water cassette but also to rinse and fill up your water supply thanks to the faucets. The flush and fill valves are separate and a safety bar prevents users from using the fill valve to rinse their soiled equipment. It’s 100% hygienic.
You will also find stoned places in case of humidity. But motorhomes are also welcome on our grass pitches if they prefer. At the Lénotte, you have the choice.

We offer among others the formula “stop-home camper” to 8 € and the ACSI formula to 14 € (on presentation of the ACSI card).

Learn more about motorhome pitches

Laverie camping

The laundry area


The campsite has 2 washing machines at the sanitary block. The tokens and the detergents are on sale at the reception: 3 € the token alone or 4,50 € with the laundry pod. The cycle is about 45 minutes.


Collective barbecues are located throughout the campsite. Except in cases of extreme drought, barbecues are allowed. We strive to add a little every year for your comfort. What could be better than getting paid for a drink by the neighbor by doing common barbecue? That’s the camping spirit !

le barbecue collectif du camping

For your grills…


For a culture accessible to all, camping La Lénotte we offer a free library and for all at the bar. You will find books for all ages that you can read on the spot or take away. We do not score, we trust. You can also contribute to its enrichment by feeding it.

Bibliothèque et prêt de livre

A wide choice of books

Amenities nearby :