Mobilhomes rental: comfort and tranquility!

Whether you are alone, in a couple or family, we have all sizes of mobile home, for all budgets.


You want to be tempted by the comfort of the mobile home, excellent idea! Only the capacity of reception in number of people will make the difference between our various mobile homes.

Choose from our range of mobile homes the rental that suits you :

Mobilhome 2 pers

1 room
17 m²

Mobilhome 3 pers

2 rooms
18 m²

Mobilhome 4 pers

2 rooms
25 m²

Mobilhome 4/6 pers

2 rooms
26 m²

Mobilhome 5 pers

2 rooms
27 m²

Mobilhome 6 pers

3 rooms
26 m²

Mobilhome 8 pers

3 rooms
32 m²
  • If you like the mobile home because you have nothing to install and everything is ready when you arrive but you do not mind going to the communal bathroom to take a shower, go to the bathroom or do the dishes, why not opt for the canvas bungalow ?


  • You can also do your math and find that, especially if you are few, at equivalent budget you could maybe leave 2 times longer if you plant the tent.


  • Good bedding and individual toilets are all that matters to you. For the rest (showers and dishes), the toilet block will do. So you can perhaps get away for less than the mobile home and opt for the original concept of Tit’home, halfway between the campsite and the mobile home comfort.